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Choose & Cut

A Christmas Tradition

Unlike many "Choose & Cut" Christmas Tree farms, Frosty Mountain is a working farm where tens of thousands of trees are harvested during a 6 week period before Christmas. For those who appreciate the bustling energy of a harvest and hiking in challenging conditions the annual adventure to pick out a Christmas Tree is a meaningful tradition.

You'll see a real working farm with no frills. We cannot promise not to have rain, cold, mud, or snow — all the things essential for the trees to thrive. We can, though, offer choices for those desiring a "perfectly shaped" tree to those wanting a space to hang the "big special ornament" or a thin side to place in a corner.

When all agree on which to take home, watch while we harvest it and trim any limbs. We then place your tree in netting that helps protect it after we load it on your car while you look over fresh wreaths and garland.

Your quiet smile of satisfaction will come from knowing you have found the perfect tree for you, realizing it is absolutely fresh to stay green all the Christmas season.

Cancelled for 2021


Cancelled for 2021


Cancelled for 2021

Planning Your Visit to the Farm

Weather, Clothing, & Fitness

Frosty Mountain Christmas Tree Farm is located at about 3,000' altitude and may have very different weather than Asheville, NC, and other regional cities. Please check the weather for Carmen, NC and pack accordingly.

Keep in mind that you are visiting a working farm ... not a garden.

Visitors should expect to walk up to a half-mile on steep and challenging terrain in search of the perfect Christmas Tree. There are no manicured walkways or vehicles to transport you from the Welcome Center to the best tree fields. Sturdy boots are recommended.

Depending on the weather you may be hiking through mud or snow - in which case waterproof boots are recommended.

What Size Tree?

Make sure you have measured the height of room where you'll be displaying your tree as well as the floor space dimensions. A tree will appear much smaller in the field than it will be in your home.


Also consider the vehicle you will use to get your freshly-cut Christmas Tree home. Pickup trucks are the easiest. Small trees under 7' often easily fit inside minivans and SUVs.

If you plan on carrying your tree home on the roof of your vehicle please consider how much weight your vehicle's roof & rack can hold. A 9' to 10' tree can easily weigh over 100 pounds.

Our staff have a great deal of experience securing all sizes of trees onto all variety of vehicles - but please don't ask them to load a 200lb, 12' Fraser Fir Christmas Tree onto your Mini Cooper or even Subaru Outback.

Limited Parking

If visiting on a weekend - especially the weekend following Thanksgiving - please try to carpool. Our main parking area is gravel. 

Check In

Before hiking up into the Christmas Tree fields stop by the Choose & Cut Hut for a price list, a measuring stick, and Tree Tags. Staff will be able to provide some direction in recommending an area to begin your hunt based on the size tree you are looking for.

How to Measure Christmas Trees

To measure in the field slide the measuring stick through the branches so that it is parallel with the trunk and down the the ground with the colored end on top. Our measuring sticks are 10' long and marked with colors indicating 1' increments.

For pricing purposes we measure up to the highest bundle of lateral branches ... not the leader. Our policy is to cut all trees flush with the ground to determine pricing height. Staff can trim the trunk with your direction once it has been bagged at the Choose & Cut Retail Center.

Tag Your Tree & Alert Field Staff

When you've found that perfect tree securely tie your Tree Tag onto a limb as high on the tree as you can reach. Take care to tie the tag very securely - this is how we will find it among all of the other customers' trees back at the Choose & Cut Retail Center. DO NOT remove the bottom portion of the tag.

Use your measuring stick to get the attention of tree-cutting staff in the field by waving it overhead. Please wait until a tree cutter arrives so that you can be sure that your tree is cut and delivered to the Choose & Cut Retail Center.

Checking Out

When you arrive back at the Choose & Cut Retail Center check with staff at the retail counter to see if you're tree is ready. If not, staff will make note of your name and notify you when it is ready.

Loading On Your Vehicle or Trailer

Our staff are available to assist loading and securing you tree on your vehicle. We recommend using your own lashing system but our staff is experienced in securing trees using baling twine. 


If you appreciate the service provided by our staff please feel free to express that appreciation with a couple bucks in the tip jar. This money is split evenly among field and retail staff who helped make your annual Christmas Tree Adventure so memorable. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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