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Chain Store Trees

How can we compete with these guys?


Chains sell lower quality trees at lower prices. They target customers who mostly want a real tree but are not particular about quality. Price is everything.

To compete with chains and still make more money, we suggest the following:

  • Continue to offer the majority of your stock in good quality, high-end, fresh trees.

  • Make the business decision to purchase 10-30% lower-end, #3, chain store-type trees.

  • These will make your good trees look even better, as customers can see side by side how different a good tree and chain–type tree really are.

  • You can price these even after freight to compete with chains and still make a profit.

  • Have something for everyone’s budget.

  • If you have leftover trees, they will likely be the low-end trees, meaning less leftover loss.

  • Save on shipping with our help in competitive bidding by multiple trucking companies.

  • Purchase wreaths equaling 25% of your tree number sales. Double your profit.

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