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Fundraising with Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees

Christmas is truly the most wonderful season. The magic of sharing and celebration is most highlighted by the beauty and awe of living greenery and decorations. Frosty Mountain Christmas Trees is pleased to be a part of the excitement. We would like to be a part of yours, too, by helping with your holiday fundraising events. Earning needed income for your group by providing a naturally fresh tree or lush wreath is a great match. We suggest several ideas that have proven to be successful.

  1. Set up your own retail lot.

Your group joins together to staff a lot to sell trees, wreaths, and garland. The location becomes a prominent focus of attention for the community. It identifies your group. By selling trees harvested only a few days before shipping and quality, handmade greenery, your reputation will be enhanced. Customers can actually see their purchases displayed.

This is labor intensive, but there is potential for large sales, even the first year. We are happy to offer advice on numbers, sizes, and quality types so you can have trees for everyone.

  2. Pre-sell trees, greenery, or both.

Your group advertises within itself or the community the trees and wreaths you offer. You can either have a set type tree or set size wreath or do a mix of freshly harvested trees of differing heights and quality so as to have a tree for any budget. After the orders are collected, arrangements are made for pick up or delivery on a specified date or weekend of your choosing. The excitement builds as the day approaches. The glee from the kids is catching as the truck is unloaded and they know their tree is inside. Sometimes, if the weather cooperates, even snowballs are included!


For more information about the above two methods, see our Wholesale information, Competing with Chains, Controlling Moisture Loss, and a sample fundraising brochure.


3. Include a wreath with a Christmas package.
Many groups offer a special package that often includes holiday items such as fruits, candy, or decorations. Handmade wreaths can be added to the box. There will be smiles galore when the package is opened and a lush, spectacular wreath is there sitting on top.

Your number of boxes will likely be known in advance, so there will be little risk.

With any of these, the profits can be significant. Selling graded trees allows you to offer a tree for any budget. Wreaths can be a large portion of sales as they can work in any home of any size. With either item, your group’s revenues should easily double your costs. Plus, any extra donations will only add to your group’s ability to reach its mission.

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