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Christmas Tree Variation

Snowflakes, squash, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. They all look alike but none look the same. They all have a different shape, density, color and needle pattern. It is said that the purchase of the Christmas tree is the single most emotional purchase of the Christmas season. One of the best things about a real Christmas tree is that yours is distinctly yours. On a farm, a customer may spend two hours looking over 1,000 trees before deciding on that special one just for them. In a store of mass-produced artificial identical trees, the choices are few.

The reasons for different appearing trees are many. The primary one is genetics, followed by the environment where grown and cultivation proactices.



  1. Individual differences

  2. Seed sources - Road Mountain or Mount Rogers - primary source of native Fraser Fir.
    Recent - Forest Service seed orchards from desirable parents. Supply limited.

Field Characteristics

  1. Elecation/Temperature

  2. North-South exposure

  3. Soil Type

  4. Distance from equator

  5. Rainfall

  6. Natural shade



  1. Fertilization and weed and aphid/mite control

  2. Shearing timing and type and harvesting practices

Any one or any combination of these factors will differentiate one tree from the next. The good thing is that the desire of customers is different, too, so there is usually a match for that unique person for that unique tree.

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